How To Rank Your Website

Many experts in the SEO field including SEOmark have noted the dynamic and volatile nature of Google’s website ranking. This is due to fluctuation in the pages of a website’s rank as a result of the continuous updates of Google’s ranking algorithm. Website ranking is also geographic-specific, which means that a searcher in Manila and one in Hawaii typing the same word “travel” will see different websites.

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If you have been a doing sustained search through Google and have a G-mail address, or are using Google Chrome, Google could alter the search results for you for specific keywords based on your previous searches. This process is called personalization. Such changes could affect website rankings.

To a large extent, it is Google that ranks the website, not the site owner. What the business or company can do is to find the appropriate tools to increase the site’s credibility and authority, as well as the number of backlinks generated, and this would influence the ranking of the website.

However, one can check out where the website is ranking using Google’s Search Console. After signing in at the Google Search Console, click on the name of the site. Then click on Search Traffic on the left-hand sidebar, after which click on Search Analytics. You can then view Metrics to see the number of clicks, impressions, CTR (click through rate) and position of the website. The position indicates that your site has been ranked in the search results for a specific keyword.

Google’s highly sophisticated algorithms assisted by artificial intelligence match the search request of millions of people, businesses, and prospects searching for relevant content. In just a fraction of a second, Google would ask the following pertinent information: the location of the searcher, the keywords being used by other searchers in the same area using similar queries, the most visited relevant websites, and the latest news on the content being searched.

Producing great keyword-optimized multimedia content and promoting it through social media platforms encourages engagement and drives traffic back to your site. Converting organic content into social media content increases engagement and boosts your SEO. While it is still far from a Google ranking signal, social engagement improves online reputation, makes connections and generate leads for business.

A Google algorithm looks at whether users are engaged or not. If more people are engaged with specific content, it’s a clear sign that the algorithm is showing the right content and will find it interesting and can become a candidate for ranking.

Today’s battleground in influencing people or creating social brand awareness are the social media platforms. Hybrid Traffic’s Social Signal Service maximizes a website’s spread to all social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Google +, Stumbleupon, Linkedin, Delicious, and Reddit. The more social media networks a product, service or website is shared, the more traffic the client site will get. The increasing number of visits monitored daily reflect social signals in marketing.

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